Adhering to the innovative concept of "data generates value, technology leads the future", was established in 2006, and is committed to creating leading technical solutions and innovative services for the financial industry. The company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and has independently developed multiple software as well as software copyrights and technical patents, winning honor and awards around the country. The company focuses on providing system development and business platform construction for financial asset management institutions. Based on the rich industry cognition and implementation experience of the company, we create personalized and intelligent solutions for our customers to empower management for fund asset, bank asset, securities and futures, and private equity. We are dedicated to help our customers transform, upgrade and achieve new breakthroughs in business management and operation management.


Recently, China’s financial technology development has grown rapidly, and financial technology is being deeply integrated with asset management. Under the new economic pattern, Aresoft Information Technology Co., Ltd keeps up with the trend of technological development. With the help of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, it upgrades and innovates product applications and services in the financial industry to help achieve new breakthroughs in the field of financial management.
To further dive into financial technology and help the digital transformation of asset management institutions, Aresoft Information Technology Co., Ltd provides technical solutions with "finance + technology + data" as the core around the asset management business. We have already developed our marketing management, compliance supervision, data platform and other product lines to achieve the goal. Strengthening financial services and comprehensively escorting asset management institutions is also one of our strategies when facing the trend of technology development. While focusing on financial technology solutions, Aresoft Information Technology Co., Ltd launched digital marketing services and technology outsourcing services. We are providing more professional and comprehensive services to customers in the field of financial marketing and technology implementation planning. In October 2018, Aresoft Information Technology Co., Ltd and Nanjing Ruihui Data Technology Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of a subsidiary, Shanghai Leiqian Data Technology Co., Ltd, focusing on big data technology services and operations, launching innovative big data strategies to help enterprises drive business decisions and value creation.



Implement data-driven marketing and help financial institutions boost product operations and improve customer services. Increase customer conversion rate and realize data retention, etc.


Focus on supervising technology and compliance operations and empower financial institutions with big data architecture product and applications to improve their operational efficiency and risk control capabilities.


Build an efficient and agile financial big data platform, deeply integrate user data and behavioral data, mine needs, and facilitate the analysis and decision-making process of complex businesses.



Provide a one-stop comprehensive marketing service covering event planning, event development, and online operation to financial assets management institutions, including platforms like APP, PC, WAP, WeChat, Weibo, and Fortune.


Provide customer’s team with ability analysis and training according to their needs of market segmentation. Based on the actual needs of the enterprise, targeted software outsourcing services are provided.



• Integration of e-commerce platform
Build a customer-oriented platform for asset management financial institutions that integrates portals, transactions, marketing services support, news and information, and all-in-one products. Supports multi-terminal development, supports business operations with mature management back-end, and uses flexible business configuration to improve operational efficiency.
• Integration of e-commerce platform
Data management are taken as the core in the entire process of marketing services. Provide effective solutions from the perspective of marketing, sales, and service, and achieve joint management and control of marketing, sales process, and personalized services. Integrate data resources, improve management efficiency, and help companies achieve customercentric management models.
• Customer Service System
Develop an omni-platform customer service system that provides systematic, intelligent, personalized, and humanized services to customers, helping companies to fully manage each communication between the enterprise and customers (consultation, suggestions, feedback, complaints, etc.). Each services process can be recorded and tracked, so as to explore business opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and improve marketing performance.
• Reporting System
Aresoft Information Technology Co., Ltd has launched a unified monitoring and reporting platform for reporting content to institutions involving the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Foundation Association, the Fund Association, the People's Bank of China, the Wealth Management Registration Center, and internal operating statements. It aims to solve the problems of multi-end reporting and data dispersion, and help financial institutions to report in high compliance, accuracy and efficiency.
• Anti-money laundering system
The system adapts to changes in regulatory policies and meets the requirements of supervision and auditing. To develop expandable product functions, sustainable technical services, and accurate data reporting, Aresoft anti-money laundering system has successfully assisted dozens of financial management institutions in performing anti-money laundering task.
• Financial big data platform
Based on data, algorithms, and technology, the platform focuses on big data analysis and value mining. The powerful real-time calculation and analysis abilities, and data application analysis capabilities can help enterprises manage and utilize massive data in various scenarios more easily and quickly, thus driving business decisions and creating more value.